BLM Now Prosecuting Bundy Supporters For Trespassing

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Despite the heat surrounding Cliven Bundy and the BLM dying down, several militia members remain at the ready to defend the rancher from invasive federal agents. Having been there for quite some time however, it appears as though the group may have gotten a little cooped up and decided they needed to stretch their legs a bit.

Well, not so much their legs.

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The guys had planned to take an ATV trip through a pathway near Recapture Canyon, Utah that had been closed down since 2007 in an effort to save ancient Indian artifacts in the area. Seeing how they stormed through the pathway where Ancestral Puebloans once lived, the BLM is now seeking to file trespassing charges on the 50-or-so participants.

The pathway is allowed to be traveled by horse or foot, the only restriction is that no motorized vehicles be driven down the path. Acting out in defiance, the group of Bundy supporters and militia went ahead anyways as they claim the federal government had no right to rob them of their, “outdoor recreation opportunities.”

San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman explained, “We’re not proponents of breaking the law. Just because BLM owns the property, that doesn’t mean they own the right-of-way that exists.”

This however wasn’t a viable justification for their blatant action to the BLM as Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman Megan Crandall recently came forward to announce that federal agents are assessing the damage as well as identifying and locating those who participated in the event.


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Furthermore, Crandall noted that the BLM had known for about a week as to what the group had planned and openly announced that those who violated the law would be prosecuted. However, a similar ride took place back in 2009, and no charges were filed on any offenders.

So what do you guys think – are Bundy supporters just pushing their luck at this point, or is the BLM really just trying to put the pressure on any way they can? Let us know in a comment below.

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