‘Tolerance?’ Liberal Abortionist Threatens Violence Against Pro-Lifer

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We all know just how “tolerant” the left can be when it comes to opposing views. After all, they spend more time trying to silence their opposition than they do actually debating their arguments, which generally lack depth and logic. Well that’s exactly what happened in the video above.

Last Saturday, an abortionist from the Planned Parenthood Orange Health Center in California lashed out at a pro-life protester on the sidewalk in front of the building. The whole scene was captured on film, and shows the liberal abortionists threatening an elderly man who was there to protest the murder of babies.

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Planed Parenthood

“Don’t f*ckin yell at me!” the abortionist says.

After a short verbal exchange the abortionist threatens to “sock [the man] in the f*cking face” and storms off while stating he’s not a “baby killer.”

There’s some real tolerance, right?

This exchange has already caused a backlash in the pro-life community, and Live Action President Lila Rose released a statement that said:

“This abortionist’s medical license should be immediately revoked for making threats of physical violence against a peaceful pro-life advocate practicing his first amendment rights. It is already an injustice and tragedy that this abortionist is allowed by the state to dismember and destroy helpless preborn children. Local authorities should immediately intervene to prevent this abortionist from threatening or harming any more people.”

This seems to be a pretty common occurrence, however. If you were to ask any pro-life demonstrator in front of a Planned Parenthood they would tell you that they’ve been heckled and threatened by abortionists and employees at these so-called clinics.

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