Retired NFL Player Receiving Death Threats For Gay Kiss Protest

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Oh, the times we live in where the First Amendment is currently being corroded in the name of tolerance. Apparently, because he voiced his disapproval to the NFL draftee’s homosexual kiss on live television, Derrick Ward has began receiving death threats because of it.

After being selected as the 249th pick during the NFL draft, Michael Sam stood up and planted a kiss on his homosexual partner in front of ESPN’s cameras that just so happened to be broadcasting live. Although many people have taken to celebrating the act, many have also spoken out in protest of ESPN’s decision to air the controversial act.

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Of those speaking out is NFL retiree, Derrick Ward who posted on Twitter, “Man U got little kids lookin at the draft. I can’t believe ESPN even allowed that to happen.” Needless to say, he received quite the backlash as the public labeled him intolerant, a bigot, and even went so far as to threaten his life.

Ward however stuck to his guns as he posted a response tweet to all the incoming hate reading, “But for real though most of u need to read the bible. It’ll explain a lot in that book. And for the last time since u guys don’t know how to read I wasn’t against him kissing his significant other. All I said was he shouldn’t had done it the way that he did it. Even if he kissed a girl I woulda said the same thing.”

This apparently wasn’t enough to silent the boisterous crowd however as he once again sent out another series of tweets on Sunday that read, “Gotta love America. Home of the greatest [s—] talkers on earth. The past 24hrs I’ve been accused of being prejudice [and] a bigot. Had a few people say they wanted to kill me and my kids. I was the worst player in the NFL.”

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He went on to say, “They hope I die. And my kids killed. All because I said I didn’t think it was appropriate for someone to shove cake down another persons face then tongue them down on national TV. Not once saying anything about the persons sexual preference. But. That’s America for u. All I can do is smile and say thank u for seeing things that aren’t there! I’ll continue to speak my mind because it’s my god given right and supposedly u can do it without being frowned upon here in America.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the only time the Left demands that others be tolerant of, is only relevant to that of their political agenda.

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