White Family Savagely Attacked By Black Mob

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A family decided to go for a walk in an Savannah neighborhood in an effort to enjoy, “their Mother’s Day weekend,” when they were suddenly attacked from behind. Leaving the family of eight bloodied, broken and bruised, police have yet to identify and arrest the black mob that physically assaulted them for no reason.

Rob Gray, his brother in law Jim Thomas and their families were reportedly visiting the area and are originally from Atlanta, Georgia themselves. The family had recently just finished dinner and were walking off their supper when, “All of a sudden,a black male and a black female forcefully walked through his [Mr. Thomas’] family bumping into him and the small children in his family.”

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Furthermore, the police report describes, “Thomas then advised that he then said something to the black male about his actions. He then explained that the black male then stopped and turned around and charged at him and assaulted him. Mr. Thomas then advised that several more unknown black individual[s] came from behind and attacked his family including the children. Mr. Thomas advised that he does not know how many people were attacking him and his family, but they ran off after the assault.”


The attack was quite brutal in nature as Gray recently expressed to local media outlets, “I took a punch to my eye and cracked my orbital.” Jim Thomas, Gray’s brother-in-law, added, “I was grabbed by the back of my head at a full run and he smashed my head into the car and I hit the ground. This is a violent, malicious attack on a family of eight people.

Thomas continued his account of the merciless beatings as he shared, “There was a man holding her (his wife) by the nape of her neck, with her hair and dragging her.My 6-year-old daughter was punched in the stomach by an adult.”

These kind of random, and seeming racially motivated hate crimes have been on the rise in the area lately. An author who frequently writes on issues such as the “knockout game,” Colin Flaherty, put in his two cents on the incident saying, “This is just one of a series of black mob violence episodes over the Mother’s Day weekend. And just the latest in a series of racial attacks in Savannah. Curiously the local paper has not run a story on this. But they did do a major story on a white-on-black attack involving a father and his stepdaughter’s boyfriend, labeling it a hate crime.”


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He went on to add, “They also had a major feature on turtle attacks. But nothing on a family of eight that is attacked, pursued, and chased into a local business, while the black mob that created the violence waited outside threatening more. This is the kind of racial violence and denial that happens far too often. And many people still deny it exists.”

No word back yet from Al Sharpton.

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