The Racist Test, Would You Fail?

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So would you pass the racist test?

A YouTube user by the name of DiscoSean21 uploaded a video of himself using the Chatroulette website while wearing a KKK hood and hiding the fact he was black. He would say to whoever popped up on his screen “White power,” then see how they reacted.

After a moment or two of letting them think he was actually a white dude, he reveals that he’s actually black and just messing with the other users to see how they would react.

Most of the people seemed to just be playing along with him, not really having any racists meaning to what they were doing. However a few of the users did seem rather supportive of the KKK hood and the message he was trying to spread.

Racist test

One thing’s for sure, all of the people pretty much laughed hysterically when they saw that he was a black man, as did I. It’s a funny video that’s good for laughs and that’s about it, otherwise it doesn’t really prove anything either way.

The YouTube video did have some colorful comments on it, ranging from highly racist remarks to people realizing it was just a joke.

So would you pass or fail the racist test? Let us know with a comment!

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