Fishermen Help Hammerhead Shark Mother Deliver 20 Babies

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Several fishermen off the Florida coast were in an hours long battle between something they had hooked in the ocean. Once they were able to finally reel it in, they were shocked to learn it was a hammerhead shark, but they were even further astonished to learn that the shark was about to give birth – and they were going to help.

Noe Campos and his friends began recording when they were still trying to bring the shark to shore as their hours long debacle was about to finally pay off, but the shark had swam around a pole causing it to become entangled in the water. After throwing caution to the wind and actually going into the ocean to retrieve their haul, they were soon to learn that the shark had been injured.


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The boys initially noticed a large bite mark in the shark’s belly and what they noticed next, none of the guys were prepared for. Protruding out from the wound was the head of a baby hammerhead shark trying to make its way into the ocean.


The boys initially thought that the bite mark was from the baby sharks trying to make an escape from their dying mother and yanked out a whopping 20 sharks and set them free into the ocean. According to a shark expert however, it was more likely that the mother shark had been bitten by another shark as the fishermen were trying to reel her in.


Capos recalled to local media his experience saying, “They were trying to push their heads out, so I’m guessing the mom tried to give birth but she didn’t have the strength to push them out.” He later shared, “I stood in the water for a couple of seconds to make sure they swam off good. I held them and as soon as I put them out, voom! They took off.”


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Unfortunately, the mother shark did not survive the injuries she sustained from the alleged other shark.

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