New Document Links 9/11 Terrorists To Florida Family

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Just about thirteen years after the 9/11 attacks, it’s surprising to know that the government is still holding back information from the American people – or maybe not so much. Recently pried from the grip of the government was a document that linked the 9/11 terrorists to a Florida family.

The document was only revealed after the government had lost a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by According to the Miami Herald, the document states that back in 2002, the FBI had come to find, “many connections,” between those who carried out the 9/11 attacks and “an allegedly wealthy international businessman,” in Florida.

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The businessman was said to have had ties to a Saudi Royal family, but his identity had been redacted from the file as the government still considered it classified. According to an FBI document citing their findings, “On or about 8/27/01 his family fled their house in Sarasota leaving behind valuable items in a manner indicating they left quickly without prior preparation.”

Unfortunately for the FBI, it appears that the mysterious business man’s name was left exposed on a page later in the document. The name – unclear of whether or not it was an alias – of the businessman is Esam Ghazzawi.

Apparently Ghazzawi owned an upscale home in Sarasota, FL, which is just a few minutes drive from where the 9/11 hijacking terrorists were known to have trained.

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According to the Herald, “Law enforcement sources have said that after 9/11 investigators found evidence — telephone records and photographs of license tags and security gate log books — showing that hijack pilot Mohamed Atta, former Broward resident and fugitive al Qaeda leader Adnan Shukrijumah and other terror suspects had visited the home. The home is about 10 miles from the Venice airport, where Atta and the two other hijack pilots trained.”

What are your thoughts on this – why would the government be trying so desperately hard to keep these cards so close to their chest? Let us know in a comment below.

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