Prostitutes Battle In The Street Over Territory

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Video uploaded to the internet captures a group of hookers in their natural environment, battling over whose turf they’re in.

The minute-and-a-half video shows a white and a black girl brawling, well actually the black girl mercilessly beating the hell out of the white girl.

It’s unclear exactly how the fight started or where it happened, however it’s apparent that the white girl ended up somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be.

As the fight progresses the other women can be heard cheering on the black girl and encouraging her to beat on the white girl even more. One of the women even calls the beating a “hit,” meaning they intentionally targeted the woman being beaten.

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Hookers in the street

As the white girl sits on the sidewalk, obviously yielding to the pounding and no longer fighting back, one of the women who’s not in view tells the black assailant to “punch her in the face,” to which she obliges and continues to pound on the defenseless woman.

“Ain’t no point in hitting a b*tch if you’re not gonna hit her,” one of the woman says.

As the video comes to an end, the true nature of the women who perpetrated the beating is revealed as every other word is “n*gg*r” this and “n*gg*r” that.

As video recording technology becomes more widespread we continue to see things like this, giving us a glimpse at how people like this really behave. It’s hard to blame everybody else for your own failure when you behave like an untamed animal in the wild, wouldn’t you say?

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