Liberal Protest Of ‘Trickle Down Economics’ DESTROYED In 4 Minutes

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If there’s one thing the left absolutely hates about Ronald Reagan’s tenure as president it’s the fact that his theory of “trickle down economics” actually worked wonders for our nation. Despite that, they still spend a great deal of time trying to tell us that it doesn’t work so that they can push their backwards agenda of punitive taxation on the wealthy.

This video explains the hypocrisy of the left in four short minutes. The speaker points to how the federal government is engaging in the very economic strategy that’s been so heavily demonized by the left, including Obama himself, and how its actions have been cheered on by the same liberals crying the loudest that trickle down economics do not work.


To summarize, all the stimulus money being spent, the “Quantative Easing” that the Federal Reserve has been engaging in, and all the other programs designed to pump money into the economy use the very theory of trickle down economics in order to help promote economic growth.

But remember, “It doesn’t work.”

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