Liberal Trolls Have A Field Day With Ann Coulter’s Latest Pic

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There’s no one quicker to call out the Left on its hypocrisy than Ann Coulter and she recently did that suggesting that the First Family pay more attention to our own country rather than someone else’s. Recently posting a pic of herself holding a sign which read #Bring Back Our Country, Liberal trolls have taken to proving just how much extra time they have on their hands.

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Of course, it could be that they have nothing to do as it’s nowhere near the first of the month – a time in which they spend eagerly waiting at their mail box for their “free” Obama bucks – or that they just don’t like Coulter, but the attempts at humor are little less than satisfactory.

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Take a peek at some of the best the Left could come up with as they Photoshopped in their own signs below:

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clZMR7ytfbscreen shot 2014-05-12 at 2.11.08 pm


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So now that you’ve seen them, feel free to let us know exactly what you think of the Left’s humor in a comment below.

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