Racist Democrat Rep. Defends Calling Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom”

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As time continues under the painstaking reign of Obama, it seems that cries of racism from the Left are becoming increasingly frequent. Despite their own cries however, there seem to be none more guilty of the bigoted act than Democrats themselves.

Last week, Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson made the remarks that Clarence Thomas was an, “Uncle Tom.” For those of you unaware as to what exactly that means, an uncle tom is a black person that is excessively submissive to white people in particular.

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Now, we all know that if a white man had said that about a fellow white man deeming him “excessively submissive” toward blacks, the white man would be quickly labeled a racist as blacks are deserving of such entitlement.

As Fox News traveled out to talking with Thompson after he declined to come in for an interview, it appears as though he’s sticking to his guns. Thompson expressed to Jesse Watters that Thomas wasn’t acting in the best interest of his own race – which if he was, would be the precise definition of racism.

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