Local News Airs Story About Teens Using Apps To Have Sex, They More Then Nailed It

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A local news station was running a story on teens using technology to hook up and have sex, but they may have taken it just a little bit too far.

A Reddit post exposed a text that was aired by FOX26 Houston from the popular dating app called “Tindr,” which happened to have a blurry, but readable, F-bomb contained within it.

Apparently the producers aren’t too good at proofreading their content.


If you can’t read it, the text says:

“So when are we going to fuck?”
“lol pardon me?”
“Excuse me where are my manners, at what point in time are we going—”

As the author of a blog on HappyPlace points out, this was a text exchange in progress and very well could have been an employee at the station who volunteered when the producers said they needed a screen shot of the app, or it could have been some sort of predator talking to an underage girl. That’s the problem with anonymous dating apps like this is you never really know who’s on the other end.

Regardless, if the station was trying to prove that an app designed for hooking up is actually used by people to hook up then they did a marvelous job.

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