Boy Takes Scooter To The Face In Brutal Brawl

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Last week we reported of a redneck chick fight turning sideways after one girl threw a shovel at the other’s head. Well this week we’ll see your shovel, and raise you one scooter.

A fight was recently recorded between one white male and one black male – at least in the beginning. It’s unclear as to why the fight began but it was made to sound as if someone was threatened with violent action prompting the third party (the white boy) to step in.

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After a brief verbal exchange, the boys begin swinging where a whole group – including women – quickly become involved. As the fight pauses for a moment, it appears as though it may be over, but it turns out this was simply the eye of the storm.

Soon, a scooter comes flying into the frame and smashes into the white boys face sending him stunned to the ground. As his opponents notice his state, they jump on the opportunity to attack while they have the clear advantage.

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Soon a group of men – indiscernible to whose side each is on – swam together where a flurry of fists and feet are seen flying toward one another. What times we live in when a scooter is used as a weapon of war.

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