CNN Airs Racist Music During Report On Black Woman

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Just about anybody who follows politics knows that there’s an awful slant when it comes to covering racially charged stories, as in conservative media gets eviscerated as racists and the liberal media is given a pass. Well that’s exactly what happened when CNN played a song containing racist lyrics while covering a story about a black woman, the media was silent.

Back in 2010 CNN aired a segment that paid tribute to a 103-year-old black woman who still looked good for her age and drove herself around in an older car. As the segment went to commercial, the song “Fantastic Voyage” from Coolio played, and the lyrics went something like this:

“Ain’t no bloodin’, Ain’t no crippin’ / Ain’t no punk-a** n***a’s set trippin’ / everybody’s got a stack and it ain’t no crack / and it really don’t matter…”

Nice, right?

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The anchor of the show, Kyra Phillips, said “We aired some music just a few minutes ago, and, obviously for those of you that heard it, it was the wrong music that aired. We apologize for that. It was a terrible mistake. And we’re working very hard to make up for it.”

Her apology was accepted by the media and her liberal colleagues and that was the end of it. But just imagine, if you will, if Fox News had aired such language. Liberals across America would be calling for the firing of whoever was responsible, and probably even call to have the network taken off the air.

However CNN managed to escape without a scratch, without a peep of anger and without anybody being fired.

Oh how sweet it must be to be given a pass just because you share an ideology. I’ll take a heaping pile of hypocrisy with a side of double standards please.

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