Syrian Terrorists Document The Implementation Of Massive Tunnel Bomb

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As the war in Syria still rages on it appears as though the enemy has become more patient in order to deliver harder hitting blows to the Assad Regime and its soldiers. This time terrorists dug a tunnel underneath a military stronghold, packed the tunnel with fertilizer and set off a massive explosion.

The incident happened last Thursday in the city of Aleppo where members of the Muslim Brotherhood finally executed a long awaited plan to blow up the Carlton hotel. Apparently local and federal soldiers had begun using the hotel as a base of operations in the region painting a big target on the location.

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Extremists surely took their time as they tunneled their way from a different location all the way underneath the hotel. From there, they dug a massive hole and filled it with fertilizer and detonation chord before traveling far away to watch their masterpiece.


As the crew documented the entire occurrence, men are seen – all giving praise to Allah – carrying countless bags of fertilizer through the tunnels to their final destination. Once the make-shift bomb was set in place, the terrorists went to their vantage point that overlooked the city before detonating the bomb.

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Shaking the entire town, the massive blast soon consumed the city in dust and rubble where there was reported to have been mass casualties. As one would expect, since residents did live nearby the hotel, man who perished were simply deemed collateral damage who Allah would have pity upon as the Muslim soldiers completed god’s work – a small price to pay.

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