Cops Forget To Frisk Suspect Who Was Packing Illegal Gun

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In a video that could have turned out a lot worse than it did, police officers apprehended a man who resisted quite a bit. Once placed handcuffed in the car however, it appears as though office’s didn’t do their jobs quite right as he pulled out a gun from his pants, shot out the cruiser window and tried to make a run for it.

The incredible video is going viral as an officer is seen wrestling with the suspect as backup arrives. Soon enough, they were able to get the man into handcuffs and place him in the back of a police car. From there however, it’s unclear if officers actually frisked the man, but one was seen emptying at least one of the arrestee’s short pockets.

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From there, the man gets his hands out from behind his back, and reaches inside of his pants to pull out a pistol. Turning the safety off, the suspect is then seen shooting out the back window of the car where he hops out and tries to flee once again.

Shown from a different angle, the glass is shot out where police are seen quickly taking chase with pistols drawn before shooting the man. He can be heard slightly off screen as his grunts signify that he may have been shot.

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Luckily for the responding officers, the suspect wasn’t intent on actually harming police, but rather just getting away. Had he had violent intent, things could have gone a lot different for the policemen.

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