Founder Of Mother’s Day Hated Her Own Holiday

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Oddly enough, the founder of Mother’s day grew to hate the holiday which she first created. In another bizarre twist, she had no children to begin with.

Anna Jarvis, a West Virginia woman, started the holiday in the early 1900’s because she felt that most holidays focus on the achievement of males. She organized a small get together of women at her Methodist church in 1908.

Since then, the holiday has become of national importance, with Americans spending nearly $20 billion on their moms this year. That, however, would have made Anna Jarvis furious.

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She designed the holiday for folks to spend the day visiting their mothers and spending time together – not for corporations to make a buck.

She remarked in a interview back in 1924:

“Commercialization of Mother’s Day is growing every year. Since the movement has spread to all parts of the world, many things have tried to attach themselves because of its success. Confectioners put a white ribbon on a box of candy and advance the price just because it’s Mother’s Day. There is no connection between candy and this day. It is pure commercialization. The sending of a wire is not sufficient. Write a letter to your mother. No person is too busy to do this. Any mother would rather have a line of the worst scribble from her son or daughter than any fancy greeting card or telegram.

Boy, if she had issues with the commercialization of Mother’s Day back then, she must be rolling over in her grave now!

Well, what do you think? As a mother myself, I don’t at all mind the flowers and gifts. And it sounds like it wasn’t bad for the economy either (of course, that’s assuming that you bought your mom presents that were made here in the USA). Do you agree? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: Huffington Post

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