Idiot Terrorist Kills Himself With An RPG

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Well there’s really not too much to say about this other than it’s always great to see a terrorist wipe himself out with his own weaponry, and that’s exactly what happened.

The short clip shows a group of men standing in an alleyway, looking on as their buddy prepares to fire his RPG. It appears as if there’s a delayed ignition to the rocket, because when he attempts to fire it the rocket doesn’t immediately take off.

It’s unclear whether or not that was the cause, but his rocket fires straight into the wall in front of him, roughly ten feet away. The blast appears to shred the man into pieces, killing him instantly.

The rest of the video doesn’t have much to it, just a bunch of nonsensical rambling and we can’t really see the aftermath. However it is always fun to watch these guys blow themselves up, wouldn’t you say?

 (Terrorists Video Syrian Fighter Dropping A Bomb On Them)


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