Thug Tased As He Beats Woman In Civil Court

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In a truly astounding video, a man is seen being Tased after going berserk and physically assaulting a woman in the courtroom. Ironically enough, that woman was in the process of having a restraining order placed on the man because of his temper.

The incident reportedly occurred in Summit County Domestic Relations Court where a woman was amidst the proceedings of applying for a civil protection to be placed on her ex-boyrfriend. For a currently undisclosed reason, the man stands up and begins to chase the woman around the court room as she tries desperately to evade him.

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Unfortunately for her, she trips allowing for the man to catch her where he physically assaults the woman right before the judge, several witnesses and a surveillance camera. Soon the court officer comes storming in, Taser drawn and discharges the non-lethal force weapon into the man sending him limp to the floor.

It’s probably safe to say that the woman’s request for a restraining order was granted that day.

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