North Korean Media Slings Racist Insults At Obama

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Generally speaking, the North Koreans are disregarded as insane and over-the-top with their rhetoric because it’s so frequent that nobody really cares. However as we already know with the White House, someone starts using racial terms and it’s all over with.

That’s exactly what happened in a recent piece published by KCNA about Obama that was filled with so much racially charged rhetoric that the White House’s National Security Council responded by calling them “particularly ugly and disrespectful.”

The state-run media in North Korea likened Obama to a “wicked black monkey,” as well as using several other racial epithets.

The piece was titled “Divine punishment to the world’s one and only delinquent Obama,” and repeatedly refers to the President as a monkey and a “crossbreed.”

“You can also tell this by his appearance and behavior, and while it may be because he is a crossbreed, one cannot help thinking the more one sees him that he has escaped from a monkey’s body,” it said.

While it’s not unusual for North Korea to spew vitriol against state leaders, this particular piece was riddled with a high volume of intense racial slurs. The piece was originally flagged by a blogger from One Free Korea who titled his piece “Oh, yes they did” and went through and highlighted all of the racist remarks.

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