CCTV Catches Ghostly Image At Iowa Restaurant

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Recent events at an Iowa restaurant have the owner and his employees spooked to the point they called in a paranormal investigation team.

The owner of Chuck and Edna’s Maid Rite, Pat Orr, called in the Iowa City Ghost Hunters to investigate what’s been occurring ever since April 14, some of which has been caught on camera.

What started the chain of events was when an apparition was captured on surveillance footage by the dish washing station. It shows a creepy shadow that slowly takes the shape of a human then drifts off the screen. An employee was there at the time and told Orr that she didn’t see anything unusual.

“It looks like it’s coming out (from underneath the cooler), goes across the floor and up over the dishwasher,” Orr said. “But, you see, I can’t make a shadow here. I don’t know. I don’t know what it is.”

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The next event captured on film was around 10 pm on April 19 and shows a stack of foam cups flying off the shelf and hitting an employee in the head while a different stack looks like ti was pushed to the side.

Orr also recalled how one night he was in the building alone doing paperwork in the office when he said a spatula fall to the ground.

“It was on the cooler at the end of kitchen, and I found it on the floor in the middle of the kitchen in front of the fryer,” as if it had been flung across the room, Orr said.

Orr had the building investigated by ghost hunter Matthew O’Brien. He and his team spent an entire morning there recording audio, video, and electromagnetic field readings to see what was going on. They’re still reviewing the evidence they acquired so won’t comment on it, however Orr said he would share the results.

Is it a ghostly figure in the video or something else? Let us know with a comment!

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