It’s A Family Affair: Entire Black Family Beats Down Woman

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Every now and then we come across a video that makes us take a step back and wonder what we just watched. Whether it be a fight video or just something so wrong you can’t help but wonder what the people were thinking. Well this is one of those videos.

The location of this incident is unknown, however what happens in it is definitely a “what the hell did I just watch?” type of thing as an entire family gets into a brawl in the street, including a young teenager.

The fight appears to start when the man in a white shirt approaches the woman in the striped skirt. Some inaudible words are exchanged, then the woman grabs him by his shirt and pulls on it. He apparently didn’t like that, so he went ahead and took a swing at her and slapped her across the face.

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The man throws the woman to the ground as she’s swinging wildly at him and trying to get him to stop his assault. When the woman hits the ground, her friend tries to help her by pushing the man off but it doesn’t really help and the man continues to hit the woman while she’s on the ground.

Then all hell breaks loose, and a group of people come storming into the scene breathing fire.

The woman on the ground continues to get assaulted, only now it’s from multiple people who also just about take out the baby stroller sitting right there.

“Yeah, move the baby,” the man shooting the video and refusing to intervene says.

As the brawl continues, the woman in the striped shirt tries to fight several people at once while someone keeps saying that the fight needs to be broken up.

Out of nowhere a random white dude steps in to assist the woman, who at this point has been pummeled by the crowd of people. As he’s trying to break up the fight there’s a teenage girl who has latched on to the woman’s hair and is dragging her across the concrete.

Once the random white dude steps in it’s amazing how quickly the man who was beating on the woman backs down like a coward.

This is an all too familiar scene for too many people and should serve as evidence of our declining society. In what world to people live that an all-out gang assault on a woman like this is okay?

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