Jay Z Assaulted By Beyonce’s Sister In Elevator

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According to TMZ, Jay Z was in for quite a shock on an elevator ride when his wife’s sister, Solange, ferociously assaulted him.

Surveillance footage shows the attack in an elevator at the Standard Hotel during a Met Gala after party last week.

In the video, Jay Z, his wife Beyonce, and he sister Solange all step into the elevator. For reasons unknown, Solange then goes off the deep-end, screaming at Jay Z while throwing kicks and punches at him.


A large man on the elevator, presumably a body guard, tries to hold the feisty woman back but she is still able to continue her assault and connect with the rapper at least three different times. At one point she threw a fierce kick, however Jay Z showed amazing restraint and simply held her foot rather than trying to fight back.

According to TMZ, the body guard hits the emergency stop button to keep the fight in private until it cools down.

The three left the building together, with Solange looking rather angry and Jay Z and his wife getting into a separate vehicle.

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