Watch These Liberals Admit Their Gun Control Policies Don’t Work

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For the years that gun control has been debated it’s been unclear up until this point whether or not gun-control advocates believe the false facts and lies they spew in an effort to demonize guns. As it turns out, they don’t as a video was recently compiled showing several anti-gunners openly admitting that gun control has no effect.

In a truly asinine demonstration of the fight gun-right advocate’s march on against, Liberals are usually the first to say that gun-control is the only way to stop gun violence. However, as is the argument for we gun loving folk – statistics have proven on countless occasions that more guns equal less crime.

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Gun control only does one thing, and that being the disarmament of only law abiding gun owners, Liberals have now stepped forward to admit just that. Their argument however seems illogical at this point as after copping to the facts, they still go on to share that gun control is necessary and will be worthwhile in preventing avoidable deaths.

While some Liberals share that gun-free zones don’t apply to criminals as they don’t follow the law anyways, others declare that background checks won’t prevent any murders. They go on to say that gun bans won’t be able to disarm criminals as the guns are out there still and in circulation – but as long as they disarm the citizens that have the right to defend themselves, that’s good enough, right?

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Sadly, the politics play a big role in gun grabbing agenda as right after declaring that gun-control doesn’t fix anything, they continue to share why it’s still necessary. Because high ranking officials and politicians have effectively sunk their talons into the media and have been able to demonize guns to a brainwashing level – the public now attributes violence to the tools, not the people who commit them.

Feel free to watch the video and let us know why you think despite them agreeing with gun-right argument, they still insist on gun control legislation.

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