Woman Hospitalized After Placing Pop-Rocks In Genitalia

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People will do some crazy things when looking to spice up things in the bedroom and one couple was looking for something so hot, they wanted something incendiary – well, sort of.

Pop rocks, for those of you who don’t know, are a type of candy that explodes in your mouth when combined with saliva. Of course, the Newport Beach sought to incorporate the candy into the bedroom for a more sensual experience.

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As the candy is rumored to boost sexual pleasure, it’s unclear how it happened, but it seems that the candies may have found themselves inside of the woman’s genitalia. Although they did think the experience would be unforgettable, they just didn’t anticipate it having the lasting effects that it did.

Once inside, the candies had the opposite effect on the woman where she reported immediately getting an itching/burning sensation so bad that it warranted a trip to the hospital. Once in the ER, the woman was examined by physician David Meyers who found it odd they decided to take “rocks” into the bedroom.


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According to Meyers, who explained to TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER, “She said, ‘The rocks are supposed to have added to our sexual pleasure and I made my husband use them.” However, after discovering that it was the exploding pop rocks she was referring to he shared that he was going to proceed with a pelvic exam.

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