Schoolboy Gets His Revenge When Cornered By Bully

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It’s always good to see in instant dose of karma and that appears to be exactly what happened in a new video surfacing on the web. When pulled off to the side by a bully and clocked in the face, the boy gets some sweet revenge before returning to school.

The video appears to have been recorded over in Russia where two boys, thought to be in elementary school, wander away from the school and behind the brick wall of a nearby building. Of course, as cowards always make sure they don’t get in trouble for their actions, or at least allow themselves plausible deniability, a validating victory is soon to play out.

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The aggressor, and boy who pulled the other to the side, is agitated at something and eventually hits the boy square in the face. Although the bullied child does not do anything initially, he eventually has had just about enough of the instigator and lets him have it.

In a flurry of blows so fierce the boy’s jacket is seen flailing behind him, he knocks the bully to the ground where he continues his deserved assault. He carries out the boy’s punishment until an onlooker pulls him off, where the boy goes and retrieves his backpack.

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At this point the bully is heard on the floor crying, although it’s unclear if his tears are that of pain or shame – perhaps a mix of both. As the bullied child makes his way past the bully lying in the fetal position, he takes his backpack and gives him a few more smacks with that before making his way back to school.

So what do you guys think – too far or did that kid get exactly what he deserved? Let us know in the comments below.

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