Terrorists Video Syrian Fighter Dropping A Bomb On Them

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Who doesn’t love to watch the eradication of terrorist scumbags? This short clip captures the efforts in Syria to do just that.

Presumed terrorists are recording from the ground while a MIG-21 is flying a pattern to drop a bomb, but apparently they didn’t realize it was headed for them.

As the jet makes its turn you can see it release the bomb from its wing, and it’s at this point they realize they’re the intended target. One has to give whoever was shooting this video credit, however, as they kept their focus and didn’t let the falling bomb out of the picture until they absolutely had to.

Fighter Jet

Seconds before the bomb lands, the men capturing the video started to run and unfortunately were able to make it a safe distance away prior to it actually hitting the ground so no terrorists were harmed in the making of this video.

Maybe next time.

Pro-tip: If you see a MIG-21 maneuvering to drop a bomb on you it’s probably a good idea to start running.

(Terrorists Obliterated By 1000 Pound JDAM Bomb)

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