Welfare Recipients Thank Obama For Food Stamps In Ridiculous Video

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The brainless sheep following the president seems to be growing in number as his ideology seems to further infect this once great and prosperous nation. Seeing that many have had to resort to government assistance as Obama fails to create any jobs whatsoever, some have mindlessly taken to thanking the president for helping them out in these tough times.

In a ridiculous rap video, people who claim to be on some form of government assistance – specifically food stamps in this video – are celebrating all their free money all thanks to Obama. The video starts out saying that they were having no luck with unemployment until “Obama hooked us up.”

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Sharing that they now have “Ramen noodles in my cup,” the boys in the video seemingly now have nothing else to worry about. Ironically however, they go on to say that there’s people out there “teein’ up and playing golf,” but they unknowingly sing as the worst offender of such luxury is their own idol.

The boys go on to say that the starving kids in Africa don’t matter as, “I’m the one you need to feed.” This seems to be exactly how it is too as the boys brag that the, “shopping carts full, don’t have to pay.”

They however don’t seem to have a grasp on who is actually footing the bill here as they return to praising the president for his kindheartedness as they sing that the, “pantry’s full for every season,” and, “Barack Obama is the reason.”

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One could only hope that one day people like this wake up to the fact that Barack Obama is the reason they need assistance in the first place. Had he not given out trillions upon trillions of dollars in aide, well, let’s just say he wouldn’t be so well liked.

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