Eric Cantor Humiliated In His Home District

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The Tea Party apparently isn’t too happy with Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor and that was evident at the 7th Congressional District Convention that was held in Richmond on Saturday.

According to more than one report, the representative wasn’t exactly given a warm welcome in his home congressional district and Tea Party supporters booed and heckled him while he was speaking, but it gets ever worse from there.

Tea Party favorite Fred Gruber ousted incumbent and Cantor loyalist Linwood Cobb as the chair of the local GOP, adding insult to injury for Cantor and making his reelection prospects look grim.

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Gruber helped to make a name for himself by being an outspoken critic of Cantor’s and in the past has refused to call him a “representative” even.

A blog post that was written by Gruber stated “Notice I have NOT addressed Mr. Cantor as ‘Representative Cantor’, (sic) because I do not feel he properly represents us, in many ways.” Gruber then went on to list the many grievances he has with Cantor, including not allowing his constituency to access him openly and giving stump speeches then taking the majority of his questions unamplified so nobody else could hear them.

The defeat, which is seen as a very poor reflection on Cantor, prompted former lieutenant governor Bill Bolling to release a statement in which he said he was “extremely disappointed” in the vote for the new chair.

“Clearly, there is a battle taking place for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. We are seeing this battle play out all across our state,” he said. “While the voice of every Republican should be heard, our challenge is to figure out how to be a conservative party, without allowing the most extreme voices of the day to control our party and determine its future direction.”

It appears as if another establishment Republican is going to be on the chopping block come November. Is this something you’re pleased with or would you like to see representatives like Cantor stay in office?

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