This Restaurant Is Proof Gun Control Doesn’t Work

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The left’s war on gun rights has seemed to have propelled itself to the main stage of national politics. Yet as they continue their push to disarm law abiding citizens they overlook the anecdotal evidence found in every major city with strict gun control laws.

A local investigative reporter in Chicago decided he was going to get lunch at a Subway on the corner of 116th Street and South Halstead recently and what was inside should be enough to make anyone realize that gun control doesn’t work, which apparently the owners of the store figured out. The employee area where the subs are made was surrounded in bulletproof glass and the restrooms were closed to customers.

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Chicago leads the nation in violent crime, with dozens of people getting shot every weekend gun violence has become an epidemic there. Why? Because the criminals realize that they’re the only people with firearms so they can pretty much do as they please without having to worry too much about people defending themselves.

For example, nine people were killed on Easter weekend alone and another 32 people were injured. Of the 32 injured, five were children who were shot in a drive-by shooting.

The Subway that Dave Savini visited is located between two neighborhoods with a history of violence. Customers are now required to interact with employees through thick glass and can no longer use the restrooms because of the liberal utopian idea that gun control actually works.

It’s also not just in Chicago where you’ll find such a restaurant. Two other major cities with strict gun control also have bulletproof Subways, and liberal mayors. Thanks to the infringement on our rights, the restaurant owners in both Detroit and Oakland have had to retrofit their establishments to protect their “Sandwich Artists,” which otherwise shouldn’t be a dangerous profession.

One thing is for certain, disarming good people only empowers bad people and we all know that. The question is when are the proponents of gun control going to wake up and smell the coffee on this one? The evidence and statistics prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that gun control doesn’t work, it’s just too bad some people are too dense to see it.

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