Colorado Gun Laws Bring About A Legalized Form Of Confiscation

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Our Liberal friends have been effortlessly trying to snatch weapons from the hands of law-abiding gun owners for quite some time now, and most recently, it appears they may have found a work around. Seeing how gun-grabbing agenda faces an extreme amount of opposition, the Left has found themselves a way to legalize confiscation – at least on the guns they’re able to get their hands on.

The news comes out of Colorado as new gun laws recently passed were the cause for the ousting of three gun-grabbing Democrats. Of course, two were recalled and officially thrown out of office by constituents, while the third resigned before facing the same fate, but the turn of events was astounding nonetheless.

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As it turns out however, some of those laws that stuck throughout the termination of Democratic officials still remain a thorn in the side of gun owners. According to the law, all transfers dealing in firearms are required to undergo a background check.

Now, this doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem as many states already abide by this directive, and although gun rights activists strongly speak out against this, the law still stands in many states – so what’s the issue?

Sara Warren explains that she was in a car accident and after police arrived and assessed the scene, they soon took her Ruger SR9 for “safe keeping.” Come to find out, getting it back from those swell police officers is turning out to be a bigger task than she could have ever imagined.

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Apparently police within the station actually want to give Warren back her firearm, they are just unable to do so as the new law is tying their hands. As Warren describes, she works as a maid and needs the firearm for self-defense as a previous incident required a trip to the hospital.

Aiming on not allowing another sketchy occurrence, the state of Colorado has now literally rendered the woman defenseless. According to the local police department, they do not have a licensed FFL dealer on staff making it literally impossible for them to complete and transfer firearms.

Fort Collins deputy chief Jim Szakmeister explains, “We had an opinion from our city attorney and district attorney not to return firearms without a (Federal Firearms License) check, and we don’t have an FFL person in our office.”

Warren conveyed that she’s been in contact with the police department on several occasions and has since taken to voicing her frustrations. “I’m a lawful citizen,” Warren shared. “I use my gun legally. I need my gun. This is ridiculous to me. There are people out there who can’t get their guns back. They haven’t done anything wrong.”

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Apparently Warren isn’t the only one in this boat either as the Colorado police have several weapons that they’d like to return to residents if it weren’t for the gun laws not allowing it. I’m told there are other people in this situation,” Sheriff Justin Smith said. “It’s terrible when a law-abiding citizen gets caught up in something like this and it causes them to lose faith in their government.”

What do you guys think about this – could this have been an oversight on account of the hastily passed law, or was there direct and deceitful motives behind this portion of the law? Let us know in the comments below.

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