Large Explosion Reported In Iran, Could Be Nuclear

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As Iran remains hell bent on destroying the West, it seems that despite nuclear discussions currently underway, that some parts of the nation are still developing their nuclear capabilities. It appears though that a development facility may have been inadvertently exposed – and perhaps destroyed – as an explosion went off in the city of Qazvin.

The blast was rumored large enough as to provide adequate suspicion that the detonation was that or nuclear origin. Many causalities are expected to be reported as the thunderous boom echoed the skies of the city whose population is 1.1 million people, just four days ago.

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The LA Times first suggested that the blast could have been on account of a nuclear development accident. The Daily went on to state, “Iranian officials in the past have strongly denied claims by Mujahedin Khalq Organization, or MKO, a cult-like Iranian exile group, that it has a secret nuclear enrichment facility in Abyek, near the major city.”

Reports have surfaced however that the blast may not have been so severe. According to Al Arabiya News, Iranian officials have since waived rumors of an explosion as, “incorrect.” Balls of flame were seen shooting into the sky however as an oil storage facility somehow caught on fire and raged on through the night.

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“A fire broke out in an oil depot,” Al Arabiya News wrote. “Firefighters were trying to extinguish the fire, which broke out at an oil storage facility.” According to reports, there were no reported casualties pertaining to this fire.

It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Iran to silence reports of a nuclear blast, but the question is; if they were false, why was the explosion so widely reported by the local population? Let us know your thoughts on this in a comment below.

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