Mentally Ill Man Shot After Lunging At Officers With Knife

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A truly sad video has recently hit the web showing the devastating effects of mental illness in our country, and worldwide. Showing just what state of disrepair our healthcare system is in, a mentally-ill man was recently recorded being shot by police after lunging at them with a knife.

The clip is about 5 minutes long in which case most the video is spent as officers attempt to get the man names “Michael” out of the bathroom and to drop his knife. Given several warnings, Michael remained non-compliant and officers even tried to use non-lethal force ample times before they had no other choice.

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Finally however, Micheal’s death was unavoidable as an officer defended himself against the knife wielding aggressor.

What do you think – could Michael have been spared or was the officer in the right? Let us know what you thought of this video in the comments below.

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