Obama Calls For Single-Party Rule In America

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At the end of his taxpayer-funded fundraising spree in Silicon Valley, Obama told supporters at his $32,400 per plate dinner that Republicans shouldn’t be allowed to run either chamber of Congress because of their opposition to his signature healthcare law.

“I can’t explain it, why they’re so obsessed that those folks don’t have health insurance,” Obama said. “But we’re on the right side of history on that issue. But if that’s all they got, then they shouldn’t be running either chamber. They shouldn’t be running the House and they sure should not be running the Senate.”

If you remember correctly, it was that same one party rule that allowed Obamacare to be passed to begin with, so why wouldn’t he want that? Having his agenda unobstructed by the party that represents a majority of America? Who could have that, certainly not Obama because he hates opposition.

The he made an exceptional point about Democrats, saying they have a “congenital defect when it comes to our politics” because they don’t vote during the midterms. He’s right about the congenital defect, now if only they would stop voting in presidential elections as well we would be all set.

Unfortunately for Obama and his progressive followers, poll after poll shows that it’s likely they’re going to be ousted from both houses of Congress come the mid-terms, and God willing in 2016 they lose the presidency as well.

Here’s to hoping, right?

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