Chicago To Implement “Afro-Centric Curriculum”

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For all of us racist white privileged folk, the politicians in Chicago have successfully announced that they will be educating their children in a little more in-depth when it comes to African-American history. Although it’s not that surprising seeing this kind of thing under the current administration, students will soon be indoctrinated with an, “Afro-centric curriculum” set to include a healthy dose of facts, exaggeration and unintentional sarcasm.

The news of the upcoming syllabus was released back in December of 2013 and is set to intertwine with the Common-Core (go figure) for all students alike, from kindergartners to tenth graders. According to Chicago Public Schools (CPS) chief officer Annette Gurley, “the curriculum will go beyond the obvious subjects of slavery and civil rights, delving into the contributions of people of African and African-American heritage at the local, national and global level.”

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This sounds like a dream come true – finally a message we can all get behind.

“The law said it had to be one unit devoted to the history of African-Americans,” Gurley added. “What we’ve done is we’ve taken it throughout the year for all subjects, not just one subject.” Basically this message is going to fully saturate all aspects of the learning environment and will even be incorporated into English Language Arts and, yes, even Math.

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the new curriculum being set forth is the inclusion of a book titled The Black Athena by Martin Bernal. The book is known for its several false facts including the claims that the Greeks (whites) stole quite a bit of land from the Egyptians (blacks) back in the days of early civilization.

Now of course these little tidbits are put in there to sensationalize its audience and do nothing more than provide the desired effect, but to consciously inject lies into curriculum is unconscionable. The minds set before teachers are like clay – they are easily moldable – yet they are falling victim to the politics of Liberals in office.

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Really here what is going on is the brainwashing of youth to think a certain way as they strive to have a more fluent population mindlessly following progressive agenda. Afterall, if children are taught young enough to think a certain way, it has a lasting effect – just look at how Muslim extremists are recruiting and training young children so as to ensure a lasting population of believers that far surpasses the current generation.

The teachings also include several aspects to break down barriers of the supposed barriers of white privilege and use poems such as the one titled, “Racism is Around Me Everywhere,” to illuminate the young minds as to the racism they did not previously notice – you know, seeing how they don’t care on account of them being white.

Curriculum this biased can only be labeled as one thing, and the irony here is that it is exactly what they say their fighting against – racism. When you boost one race above another, as more important, or exaggerate facts in order to sympathize pain they’ve never felt on account of this nonsensical mindset that being white makes you automatically oblivious to racism, its can be considered nothing short of bigotry.

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Could you imagine the fit the Left would pitch if a sort of white curriculum was forced upon students? If it doesn’t work the same all the way around, it’s not fair, it’s not just and it certainly, isn’t “tolerant.”

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