Possessed Woman Goes Berserk And Attacks Passengers On Train


May 9, 2014 12:38pm PST

Passengers on a train recently got quite the show as a woman seemingly went demonic before lashing out and entirely attacking a fellow rider.

A train in Edmonton, Canada was riding along when something must have caused a passenger to flip his cell phone camera on and focus it on a female traveler. The video quickly takes a turn for the bizarre as the woman’s eyes open freakishly wide as she appears to dive head first in a sort of demonic state.

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She then proceeds to lunge across the train bench and snap onto a male passenger’s throat and slam him against the wall. She then punches the guy in the face a couple times before storming over to the doors.

Oddly enough, the man was in no apparent mood to deal with the fit the woman appeared to be having. He then follows the woman across the train and begins attacking her.


Soon however, train police are able to come and break the two up, but not before the man delivers one final blow sending the woman to the floor unconscious. The officers arrest the man and the woman is seen helpless on the floor at the video’s end.

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Several people during the video suggest – and it seems very likely – that the woman is on some kind of drug during her seemingly demonic temper tantrum.

What do you guys think – possession or drug use? Let us know in the comments below.


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