Panel Of Climate Scientists Destroy Climate Change Argument

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Obama has recently pivoted with his narrative and turned his focus to climate change, even though the majority of the nation could care less about the liberal boogey-man.

For some time, the science behind climate change has been contested, and there’s even been evidence of people falsifying reports and findings in order to push their agenda and scare people into thinking that some catastrophic event is going to wipe mankind off the map.

Everything from hurricanes to violent tornadoes are blamed on the artist formerly known as global warming, yet there’s really not enough evidence to prove that man is the cause for what’s happening, as we’re led to believe.

This panel of scientists takes on all the major talking points of the left and those who push the climate change agenda. It’s definitely an interesting watch, and may just wake up some of the people who have joined the religious cult surrounding climate change, which has been happening since the earth has existed.

Go ahead and watch it and let us know what you think with a comment!

(Climate Change Report Encourages Lying To Combat Global Warming)

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