Car Runs Over Apparition In Parking Lot

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With the progression of video editing software it becomes easier and easier for people to create fake videos of ghosts and other creepy apparitions. However occasionally one comes out that looks just a little too real to be faked, this seems like one of them.

The surveillance footage shows a car crossing through a parking lot at a slow rate of speed. As it passes about halfway through the frame, something resembling the shape of a human appears out of thin air and crosses the path of the vehicle.

Once the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop, the occupants jump out and immediately start looking for damage to the car and for whatever they had just hit. However nothing is there, and whatever it was that appeared in front of them vanished into thin air as quickly as it appeared.

While things like this can be staged, this would be quite the elaborate hoax to try to pull of and for what?

Below are a couple of screen shots of the apparition, see what you think and let us know with a comment!

(Ghost Caught On Camera During Soccer Event)

CarGhost CarGhost1

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