Black GOP Member DESTROYS Confederate Democrat Crying Racism

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A Democratic candidate for Governor recently took it upon himself to ironically dress in a Confederate Union Uniform and then publicly refer to the GOP as racists. This is the same man, mind you, that was handing out KKK hoods last weekend at Wisconsin’s GOP convention calling them, “Republican party hats.”

Think he’s a bit desperate for attention?

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The man responsible for the blanket labeling is Wisconsin assemblyman Brett Hulsey, who is currently making a run at the state’s governor chair. In order to smear his Republican competitors – a tactic Democrats have come to use far often more than logical debate and reasoning – Hulsey got himself all gussied up in a Confederate uniform and hit the streets.

Although Hulsey casted for a whole slew of Confederate soldiers, no one dared signing up because of the obvious racial message being sent by participating in such a stunt. Despite it being the confederates who fought for slavery, and the majority of which were Democrats, Hulsey states that it is actually Republicans who are now racist as the two parties have swapped sides.

The ridiculous accusations come with zero proof besides Hulsey’s word but the situation was made even that much sweeter when a black woman from the GOP confronted his cries of racism. Pam Stevens approached Hulsey expressing how offensive his statements were and ultimately asked, “My question to you is if you give them hoods, what would you give me?”

Obviously choked up by the question, Hulsey responded by saying, “I just hope you would vote against secession.” He then proceeded with his rant of speculative – and ill founded – reasonings as to how the Republican was racist.


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Boy did Stevens have a field day with the gubernatorial candidate.

Hulsey then brought up the matter of racial profiling to which Stevens let loose saying, “You don’t have to ask me if I know racial profiling.” She continued by noting, “The Democratic Party is the party that’s constantly trying to put people on labels and in blocs and things like that,” she said, saying Democrats were the ones trying “to keep racism going.”

Hitting her point home, Stevens concluded, “Your party is the party that’s trying to tell black families that they don’t know how to make choices to educate their children and that they have to stay in public education.”

Hulsey then retreated with his tail tucked knowing full well he was not going to win this argument. It’s always so nice to see hypocritical Democrats squirm when they’re called out for what they truly are.

It wasn’t the last the public had heard from Hulsey regarding that matter, as after the woman and he had went home he expressed that he, “Had an interesting discussion with a minority woman.”

Sharing exactly what he thinks of blacks and the GOP, he noted his bigoted views saying, “A minority in the GOP is like a chicken at Colonel Sanders’ house. They may feed you and let you crow a bit, but it does not end well.”

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Speaking from what limited experience I have, I am yet to see any such case proving this to be fact. However, because Hulsey says it – it must be true. Just like the GOP is a racist party, right?

What do you guys think – will the race baiting for attention even stop, or do Democrats need it if they want any attention at all? Let us know in the comments below.

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