Obama Whines That Heckler “Screwed Up My Ending”

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President Obama attended a high-dollar fundraiser in Silicon Valley where he spoke about his message of income inequality to an audience of affluent executives at the Fairmont hotel in San Jose on Thursday. Unfortunately for him there was a heckler who managed to afford the admission fee and upset the President.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, it cost at least $1,000 to get through the door and there were some donors who shelled out $32,400 to the Democratic National Committee in order to exclusively access the President.

Using the opportunity to campaign, Obama spoke of “competing visions” for America while bashing his Republican counterparts, saying that they only believe in rewarding the rich and hanging everyone else out to dry. Then immediately after he tried to tout his own failed economic policies.

“The reason that we’ve got gridlock right now is you’ve got a party that’s been captured by folks who are on the wrong side of the issues,” Obama said.

“The way to fix Congress is not by getting cynical and saying a plague on both your houses.”

Towards the end of the speech is when the heckler jumped in and started shouting “Freedom for Ethiopia,” which the President seemed to handle well until he complained “you ruined my ending!”

(Wait Until You See The Cost Of A PHOTO At Obama’s Fundraiser)

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