Student Selling Virginity Backs Out Of $801K Deal

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Imagine clutching onto your virginity until the age of 28 and then deciding to sell it – do you think it could fetch upwards of $801,000? A med student did just that recently but has since backed out of the deal as she claims the political nature of the arrangement proved just too much to handle.

The woman goes under the alias of Elizabeth Raine, and opened a website on March 31 in which she announced that she would be auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder. Obviously as news got around, the bids skyrocketed where Raine said the highest bid tipped the scales at $801,000.

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However, it appears as though, with the publicity, so came the negativity and controversy in which she claims discouraged her to the point of backing out of the arrangement entirely. She has since announced on her blog that she is going to leave the auction behind and focus on her medical studies.

“With the blessings of my management and the high bidders, I have decided to put a stop to this kerfuffle (to describe it nicely) and return my focus to my medical training,” she wrote. “I still do possess some spitefully strong beliefs about virginity, prostitution, and a woman’s right to do as she damned pleases, but school is my first priority (as it has been for my entire life).”

Furthermore, Raine mentioned, “At this point, I no longer care about the auction, at all. This was a very easy decision.”

According to Raine, the publicity surrounding the event seemed to open her eyes as to exactly what society thought of her little shenanigan. She relayed via her post, “It is no longer about the money. Instead, very broadly, it is about how society continues to exercise control over female sexuality by chaining it tightly to female morality.”

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The woman’s tone then shifted toward that similar to feminism in which she explained, “It is about the fact that we have not left patriarchy in the past (we all know male morality is not judged by the same standard), and that a woman still cannot chose to do with her body what she pleases without eliciting condemnation and hate from those (or some of those) around her.”

Although she at first hid her identity, she eventually released a photo of her face saying that sooner or later it was going to become public information and she’d rather release that info on her own terms. Since putting up her website and making the auction public however, Raine says she’s become quite educated on, “prostitution, virginity and ‘slut-shaming.’”

She has also recently noted that a portion of her decision came as she thought about the consequences should her identity become known around her school’s campus. “I have a busy life. I am picky and guys were never a priority.”

She explained that her main focus is on school right now and that she didn’t want to become known as the, “Med School Virgin,” and potentially be kicked out of school. She did say however that, “Lawyers have different opinions on whether I’d get kicked out, but one lawyer I trust believes it won’t happen.”


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Others have speculated though that as this spun out of control, Raine could simply be backing out because she’s wasn’t truly a virgin in the first place.

What do you guys think – do you think that a woman intent on selling her virginity, and had received offers of $801K, would back out because of the politics surrounding the issue? Let us know in a comment below.

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