Liberal Mayor Shutting Down Top Schools For ‘Fairness’

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One of the left’s favorite buzzwords is “fairness,” in fact that’s probably their favorite buzzword of all time. They love fairness, unfortunately for the rest of us their idea of fair is trying to create equal outcomes rather than equal opportunity, but one mayor may be taking it a little too far.

A mini-series that was directed and produced by Will Cain from TheBlaze exposed New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s attempts to shut down top performing charter schools in his city even though they’re the only real lifeline for the poor to get out of the horrid public school system.

The four-part series follows a 10-year-old girl by the name of Alise Alexander and her mom as their lives are turned upside down by the insane mayor’s actions.

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De Blasio is targeting the Success Academy charter schools where 97% of the students are black and Hispanic and over ¾ are poor enough to qualify for free or reduced price lunches, which kind of contradicts the beliefs of most liberals wouldn’t you say? What’s special about the Success Academy as well is that the students are selected from a lottery yet those in Harlem ranked first in the state in math, however the public school across the street only 3% of the students even passed the math exam, so the teaching methods would appear to be working.

“Not the rich kids on the Upper East Side, not the rich white kids in Westchester,” Cain said. “These kids ranked first.”

Cain discovered that de Blasio has a personal vendetta against the CEO of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz, and has openly expressed his contempt for her even though she identifies as a progressive Democrat. He’s on record as saying she “cannot continue to have the run of the place,” and for too long she was “giving the orders, and chancellors were bowing down.”

Moskowitz made enemies with her party when she condemned the teachers unions, ever since she’s had a target on her back but that may not be why de Blasio is going after her schools.

As Cain noted, “Maybe [de Blasio] truly believes in a perverted sense of fairness that demands if everyone can’t have a good education, then no one should.”

He also pointed out that if inequality and opportunity for minorities in his city were more than just buzzwords to get elected then de Blasio would “go to Success Academy on his knees, hoping to find something to duplicate, not destroy.”

Then again, as long as the unions out there allow for poor teachers that can’t be fired it’s pretty near impossible to create stronger schools. Not that all teachers are bad, but perhaps this should be a lesson for others regarding teachers unions and the quality of education that’s delivered.

Should the mayor be targeting charter schools or trying to emulate them in the public schools? Let us know with a comment!

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