Liberals Trying To Set Statute Of Limitations For Illegal Aliens

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Liberals will always find a way to slither around the technicalities preventing them from reaching their goals. As talks of amnesty are having about the same amount of success as they had the first time around, it appears as though the Left is trying to slip through another one of their loopholes.

Now they’re trying to set a statute of limitations for those who cross the border illegally – to just 15 days.

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That’s right, now all it takes, is a mere two weeks in the country undetected and you have officially been deemed no longer a priority. According to an article by Buzzfeed:

The administration is also reportedly looking at shortening the time an immigrant is considered new, and therefore a removal priority. A recent immigrant would go from someone who entered in the last three years, to someone who entered in the last two weeks.

There is no excuse for our government allowing foreign nationals to break our laws, and cross those pesky little things that define our nation known as borders, and ultimately be rewarded for such behavior.

No matter where you stand on the issue, one thing is clear – criminals do not get a free pass regardless the severity of their crimes. However those few GOP members backing Obama on the issue seem to believe that the president will enforce whichever laws he creates on the matter.

These claims seem unbased as he is currently failing to follow the laws as they stand today. What they’re really saying is that Obama has the right to enforce only the laws he believes in or creates himself – and it’s a trait we’ve seen oozing from the Oval Office since day one of Obama stepping in.


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The facts talk the loudest as illegals within our country have a 99.9% chance that they will not be deported as Obama has literally halted all illegal alien apprehension activities. You want to secure our borders?

Treat it like the crime it is and punish those who seek to break the law. Instead of offering citizenship with open arms despite countless others standing in line trying to abide by the laws, force them to travel the proper channels.

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