Atheists Launching “Godless” TV Channel

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In an effort to compete with those pesky, bible-thumping, ignorant pastors on TV, atheists have decided to launch their own television show in order to combat their theories. Set to launch later this year is AtheistTV that will circle mostly around “godlessness.”

The show is set to broadcast from New Jersey and aims to reach out to, “atheists, humanists, freethinkers, and folks who are looking for a way out of faith.” Members of the atheist community are jumping with joy as they feel such a channel is long overdue.

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Spokesman for the channel, Dave Muscato recently relayed to the public, “There’s a glut of religious TV programming out there, from televangelists to Christmas specials. But there’s no atheist channel. We wanted to fill that void.”

The group running the station, American Atheists, already have their studio set up and ready go located in Cranford, N.J. where they will film the show. The station is set to be available through Roku – a device that allows users to stream television through their internet – and will cost a monthly charge.

The atheists – being the forerunners in their new endeavor – is seeking to define exactly what “godless” television will look like. Muscato further explained, “We’ll have shows about philosophy, science, history. A critical examination of the facts.”

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Muscato also hopes that the show will sway unsure believers through the voice of atheist reason. “When somebody leaves their religion, they don’t necessarily know everything about the Big Bang,” he said. “This will fill in the gaps in knowledge that pastors have left behind.”

Atheists have been trying recently harder than ever to destroy the likes of Christianity and all its beliefs. Seeing that they are set to bring about a channel that not too many people are going to watch just shows how evolved this attempt has become.


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That being said however, as local or even cable television is reluctant to bring the Atheists on board, you can see what the public still thinks about such an effort.

So what do you guys think – is this just a pathetic cry for attention, or is there need for such a channel? Let us know in the comments below.

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