Christian Twins Have Surprising Remarks About HGTV Firing

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Yesterday we reported on a set of twins, the Benham brothers, whose show was recently cancelled by HGTV due to their Christian and anti-homosexuality views. Since that time, the brothers have spoken out about the issue, and their remarks may surprise you.

David Benham and Jason Benham were recently brought to the public spotlight by a Liberal website called Right Wing Watch that labeled the brothers as “anti-gay extremists.” Since that time, HGTV has been under quite a bit of pressure from the uninformed and “tolerant” community forcing their hand to ultimately cancel the show.

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Although many people would undoubtedly feel offended and upset, the brothers have since come forward to share their surprising acceptance of the matter, and more, their support for HGTV. Speaking with local CBS news affiliate, WBTV, the Benham’s express that the network had done their research and knew of their religious beliefs far before Right Wing Watch ever stuck their nose in.

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According to David, “They found some things on the Internet that we said that could easily be misconstrued, and so they said ‘you know what let’s talk about it. What do you guys really feel? What do you believe?’ And Jason and I met face to face with one of the executives, and after that meeting they said ‘you know what there’s not a drop of hate in these guys’ hearts’.”

Instead however, they feel that they have been incorrectly and unfairly labeled and discriminated upon because of their pro-family views. As David relayed in a recent CNN interview, “We love all people. I love homosexuals. I love Islam, Muslims, and my brother and I would never discriminate. Never have we — never would we.”

Proving this even further during the WBTV press conference, David expressed, “We sell houses to homosexuals. We remodel homes for Muslims. I mean, we love them all.” While Jason concluded, “Some things that were said about us are completely untrue.”

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Showing the adversity the brothers face because of their ideals, CNN even tried to back the boys into a corner by showing just a portion of an audio snippet where David was heard talking about abortion, homosexuality, as well as a slew of other problems this country has come to adopt as normal under the veil of, “tolerance.”

Of course, calling out CNN directly, David noted that he was talking about the members of Christianity ignoring these problems and simply building more churches for financial gain. Instead however, he conveys that he has never discriminated against homosexuals as he loves all mankind alike – no matter their views.


When asked what they had to say about the show being canned, they simply relayed that they felt bad for HGTV for being put in such a situation. According to Jason during the CNN interview, “We actually felt really bad for HG that they were pushed into this position. They simply said that we need to part ways.”

He further noted, “Our heart breaks for HGTV … that the same thing that happens all the time when one view is able to be put out there, but then if you represent what we believe would be the pro-family view, you’re not allowed to have that anymore.”

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Unless your ideals align with Liberal and progressive agenda, you are not covered under the idea of “tolerance.” All religions are protected under the law and for some reason, society has evolved to accept the persecution of one in particular.

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