University Administrators Embarrass Liberal Anti-God Professor

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Students at East Carolina University were given a simple assignment to prepare for their upcoming graduation ceremony, to write a 35-word statement to either reference their future plans or show their gratitude towards someone important to them.

However the Assistant Chemistry Professor Eli Hvastkovs, who issued the final assignment, included a catch for the students based on his own beliefs.

“You can’t thank God,” he wrote. “I’m sorry about this – and I don’t want to have to outline the reasons why.”

Such a demand without an explanation seems rather odd, wouldn’t you say?

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When the professor was interviewed by Campus Reform he stood by his decision but admitted that it wasn’t aligned with the policy of ECU.

He said that the graduation is “not a religious ceremony” and that banning God was “more of a departmental thing,” citing the diverse student body.

In response to the professor’s singling out of Christians and refusal to celebrate the diversity on campus, the executive director of communication for ECU completely refuted the professor’s band in a statement.

“First Amendment allows [students] to thank God, to thank any force or any individual that they so desire,” Mary Schulken explained.

Schulken wasn’t the only one to come out against Hvastkovs, however.

Provost Marilyn Sheerer sent an email to each of his students with her own response to the audacious professor’s actions.

She explained that “Religious references of any type will not be restricted,” then noted that the only limitations on speech at ECU will be enforced “as permitted by applicable First Amendment law.”

Unfortunately while ECU did the proper thing to rectify the discrimination against Christian students, the problem of liberal ideology targeting those who have those beliefs is engrained in universities across the nation. Story after story is reported of students facing persecution and ridicule by the educational elites who snub their noses at the mere notion of the Christian God while trying to undo the moral fibers that have made our nation great.

It’s about time this practice comes to an end, wouldn’t you say?

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