Jay Leno Publicly Protests Sharia Law

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At a recent protest in Beverly Hills, Jay Leno joined the public in his opposition to Sharia law being imposed in Brunei.

As many of you already know, there has been a global push by radical Islamists to implement Sharia law, and use it even within the courts that won’t fully adopt it.

We’ve all seen what happens under the terroristic and barbaric religious doctrine, such as honor killings, pedophilia, female genital mutilation, and punishing women for the involuntary act of being raped. Such ideas erode basic human rights and go against our laws and our Constitution.

The threat that it’s spreading in America is so real that states have actually taken up votes and passed legislation that forbids our courts follow any part of it.

(Brunei Evoking Sharia As National Law)


Back to Leno, he joins a growing list of people around the nation who are protesting the Sultan of Brunei who has recently announced his nation would be adopting the Islamic law, calling on people to boycott the chain of luxury hotels owned by the Sultan.

Leno was quoted as saying during the protest “What is this, Berlin, 1933?”

“This doesn’t seem far off from what happened in the Holocaust.”

“Come on people, it’s 2014. Evil flourishes when good people do nothing,” encouraging the boycott of Dorchester hotels.

Another well-known name that has come out in opposition to the Sultan is Richard Branson, the self-made billionaire who owns the Virgin Group.

“No @virgin employee, nor our family, will stay at Dorchester Hotels until the Sultan abides by basic human rights,” Branson tweeted.

In addition to the protests the U.S. based group Feminist Majority Foundation pulled its annual Global Women’s Rights Awards from the Beverly Hills hotel. The awards are co-chaired by both Leno and his wife.

(Widow Gang Raped As Punishment, Now Being Publicly Caned Under Sharia Law)

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