Wait Until You See The Cost Of A PHOTO At Obama’s Fundraiser

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Obama loves two things more than anything else in this world, himself and campaigning, in that specific order. So it comes as no surprise that he touched down in San Diego today for another high-dollar fundraiser to help his Democratic colleagues raise money for the mid-terms.

Greeted by Mayor Kevin Faulconer at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar just before noon, Obama shook hands and took photos some of the families that had gathered.

Where was he headed?

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To a fundraiser hosted at the home of Qualcomm co-founder Irwin Jacobs in La Jolla, which isn’t a shock considering Jacobs was the second-highest bundler for Obama’s 2012 campaign. However the cost of admission to the fundraiser should be more than enough to send you into shock.

Those attending the luncheon at Jacobs’ house will reportedly receive lunch and a personal photo with the President for the nominal fee of $10,000. For the more affluent donors, there’s an exlusive after party with Obama himself that includes the cost of lunch for $32,400 per couple. Among those scheduled to attend are the more prominent higher-ups in the Democrat party such as moonbat Nancy Pelosi and the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Steve Israel.

On Wednesday Obama attended a different fundraiser in Las Angeles where admission to the exclusive event ran up to $64,000 per couple, and he’ll only be in San Diego for a few hours prior to departing for the Bay Area to rub elbows and milk Silicon Valley executives for their money as well.

The best part about Obama’s fundraising expedition? Taxpayers will be on the hook for the entire cost since he’ll be making official stops in between his campaigning and fundraising, nice right? With the flight costs for only Air Force One being $228,228 per hour, this is going to cost us quite a bit of money once all the other expenses are added in.

Sure would be nice to have a personal jumbo jet to gallivant around the nation with, wouldn’t it?

How’s that for income inequality?

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