Clay Aiken Reveals “Intolerant” View Of Blacks And Mormons

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You just have to appreciate the complete one-sidedness of the “intolerant” street frequently traveled by the Left. Recently discovered to have ran up and down the street himself a few times, is Congressional candidate Clay Aiken.

Apparently Clay Aiken tweeted back in 2012 about a drinking game he participated in with his brother while watching the Republican National Convention (RNC). According to the post, Aiken was, “Playing a drinking game with my brother now. We drink every time we see a black person on screen at the RNC convention. #soberasamormon”.

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Of course, he immediately took the tweet down, and we’ll just move right past the redundancy by calling it a, “RNC convention.” Luckily for us, Benny Johnson from Buzzfeed was quick with the finger and was able to snap a screencap of the tweet before Aiken hastily deleted it.

Now, we all know the uproar that the Left would be currently participating in if a member of the GOP had said something of this nature, but this is just some of the Liberal bias the Right has to deal with on a daily basis.


Social media posts however, as we’ve all learned by now, simply do not just disappear – they survive throughout eternity and dormantly wait to bite anyone at the most inconvenient times. That being said, that day has come for Aiken as his comments were completely of base, first of all, and not made by a man truly understanding of, “tolerance.”

The hypocrisy and deceit is almost laughable at this point. Just take for instance this doozy put together by the IJ Review proving just how much of an ignorant moron Aiken is for even making such a remark:

There’s former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor and RNC Chairman Michael Steele. There’s also Ken Blackwell, who was the former Secretary of State for Ohio. South Carolina has even sent a black Republican, Tim Scott, to both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

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Besides these folks, there are countless others who are awakening to the stank of the Left after being blissfully unaware of it for so long. So keep making completely ludicrous remarks Aiken – let’s see how bad your polls take a hit from this one.

Feel free to let Aiken have it in the comments below folks.

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