Elementary Student Leaves As Boy Returns As Girl

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A local Missouri boy has recently been announced to be changing genders in a letter detailed by the school’s principal.

The boy, formerly known as Adam, is set to return to school with the name of Jasmine. The changes have been revealed to parents as the school principal that starts out reading, “In the interest of creating a positive and safe learning environment at Robinson, I want to share information with you about a schoolmate of your child’s.”

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The letter goes on to share that, “a birth-assigned gender male student who has been known as Adam at Robinson has returned to school as a female with the new, preferred name of Jasmine.” The letter describes very little of the child besides the change in his physical appearance from boy to girl.

The letter does not mention as to if the boy had any gender reconstructive surgery completed or even what bathroom he intends to use. The letter simply requests that fellow students, “be respectful of all students in their classes and to treat others as they would like be treated.”

The LGBT group The Advocate still decided to put up a bit of a stink saying that the school had no right to announce the boy’s change. Their website asks, “Did the district violate federal law in the process?”

Apparently it did, as the letter clearly states that it was written and released, “with parent permission.” Despite this being clearly labeled within the letter, the group is still marching on with what can only be assumed to be a publicity stunt.

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The Advocate argues that the letter is in violation of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) – a law that prevents schools from releasing student information without parental consent. However, this doesn’t seem to be stopping members of the LGBT community from tirelessly fighting against any intolerance as Caroline Gibbs, of the Transgender Institute explained, “Gender identity is separate from sexual orientation.”

She furthermore added, “This is a genetic, medical condition, hardwired. One is born with it.”

Parents however seem unsettled with the situation, but remain unwilling to express the unbridled truth pertaining to how they feel out of fear. One local parent, Leah Yzagguire, responded to the letter by saying, “I don’t know what to think, honestly. I think it’s kind of sad. I think they’re a little small, but I really don’t know. I just tell my kids to make sure you’re nice to everybody.”

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Another parent, Leon Morgan, expressed, “I am surprised it happened at the elementary level, yes I am. But, freedom, freedom.”

So what do you guys think – is this completely ridiculous or do you believe this could be something hardwired into the brain? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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